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10 Stylish Ways To Update Your Home

We all love the creature comforts of a home that feels our own, as well as a home that we can be proud of. Without spending a fortune, we've compiled 10 stylish ways you can update your home.

1) Create open space

Their is nothing more inviting than open space. You don't need a huge room in order to create open space, but furnishings need to be in keeping with the size of the room so as to keep it warm and inviting. There's nothing quite as uncomfortable as having to awkwardly walk your way around a room without space.

2) Curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds can either make or break a space. A simple refresh can make a big difference in changing the light or ambience of a room.

3) Upcycle

Get creative and upcycle what you can to create beautiful handcrafted pieces of workmanship. We all love homemade. Looking after the environment is so critically important and it also gives a home an earthy feel, important for the soul.

4) Bring the outside in

Bringing plants inside breathes new life into a room. If you don't have a large outdoor garden space, their are ways you can incorporate fresh plants and planter boxes to update the look and feel of your space.

5) Fresh carpets and floorings

Keeping carpets and floors fresh means ensuring that surfaces are vacuumed or mopped to stay looking their best. Floors can really change the look and feel of a room and make or break the way your furniture looks. Chat to us today for floor solutions that'll make your home shine.

6) Shop around

When you're looking for furnishings to update the style of your home. You can often find competitive pricing online, or pick up simple pieces at end of line sales. Freshening up small items like cushions and rugs can also help lift the interior of your space.

7) Spring Clean

When all else fails, clean. Having a spring clean and an organised home is one of the best ways to take a weight off your shoulders. Living in a polished space will provide you with clarity.

8) Remove Clutter

Get organised and remove or put away items that you don't use frequently. A minimal approach is a good way to ensure your space stays looking modern and fresh.

9) Remove dated fixtures

Often simple changes to items such as door handles or light fittings can instantly bring a space from one era to the next. Out with the old and in with the new.

10) Seek professional advice

If you simply can't decide what steps to take in order to freshen your space. Give us a call today at Floor Solutions. We're happy to provide friendly and professional advice on bringing your home to life!

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